About Ausworld Procurement & Warehousing

Looking for procurement and warehousing services? Well you’ve come looking in the right place.
Ausworld Procurement and Warehousing (APAW) is not just another service provider that you read about in the classifieds, more often than not. We are but a positive working partner, delivering a level of service that meets, if not exceeds, your demands. A business unique in the industry, we have proven it every time to be a recoverable investment rather than an expense.

Our flexible approach towards the services we provide and our unique business models are designed for you the customer and are not about us thus allowing you the customer to focus on your core strengths and growth

At APAW, we consider our greatest strength to be our uncompromising attitude towards customer service, support, and hands-on availability— something that’s hard to find these days with the level of commitment it deserves.

APAW has, and will continue to form strategic alliances with suppliers of raw materials and OEMs, in this exceedingly competitive world, to be a world leader, in the supply of innovative purchasing methodology and product supply, providing customers “value for money”.

APAW’s influence stretches far and wide across the globe, offering a world perspective at all times.

Ausworld Procurement & Warehousing (APAW) isn’t just another name you keep coming across, just about every day. A premier business spread throughout Queensland, with its main office based in Logan (located between Brisbane and Gold Coast), APAW thrives to bring about nothing but the best of what it is committed to.

At APAW, we are firmly dedicated to assisting a wide range of customers in Queensland, both nationally and internationally, by providing offsite purchasing/procurement services to businesses (and/or their procurement team) to build competitive opportunities and to amplify their growth. We go beyond the tactical supply-chain traditional functions, devising ingenious procurement techniques, aiding businesses to be one step ahead of their competitors.

We do not source products from overseas just because it is cheaper; we source products based on quality and “value for money”.