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Well, that sizeably depends on what exactly you are trying to seek. If outsourcing your purchasing functions is what you are looking for, then our Procurement Service is all you need. And if you are only looking forward to buying products or services only when you need them, our Purchasing Agent Service must work for you in that case. Alternatively, if downsizing or outsourcing your warehousing needs is more what you’re looking for than our warehousing service is definitely for you

Actually, there are none. You only get to pay for what you use.

Procurement is acquiring (procuring) products and services by selecting vendors, establishing payment terms, strategic vetting, negotiating contracts, strategically selecting and purchasing goods and services that are usually of importance to an organization. Procurement is, essentially, the overarching or umbrella term within which purchasing can be found.
Purchasing is how goods and services are ordered. Purchasing can usually be described as the transactional function of procurement for goods or services.

We can source a variety of products, including but not limited to mechanical and industrial equipment, raw materials, machinery parts, non-critical commodities and services. We do this by utilising our vast local and global network of OEMs, suppliers and technicians.

Simply because purchasing `value for money` reduces the likelihood of product defects, which in turns reduces product replacement and major downtime that can turn out to be financially costly to both customers and the business.

Essentially, our services are meant for everybody. However we are mainly aimed at assisting businesses that:

  • Are seeking to reduce their overheads through the acquisition of products and services
  • Have no purchasing officer(s)
  • Needing assistance with product sourcing and supply
  • Are expending but cannot afford to employ a full time purchasing officer
  • Want to reduce overheads by outsourcing some or all of the purchasing or warehousing functions or needs.
  • Are seeking support for their purchasing department.

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