Ausworld’s distribution services complete our one-stop-shop for all your procurement, purchasing, warehousing and distribution requirements!

APAW’s distributorship and wholesale service is one of the best in Australia, with a well-organised distributorship of various industrial/engineering commodities throughout the nation. We provide wholesale supply of safety products, valves, pumps, hoses, sealants, gaskets, chemicals, and packing materials, just to cite a few. We also deal in conveyor related commodities such as rubber conveyor belts, repair kits, rollers and much more.

Other Services

APAW is also the agents for major brand names and products. APAW’s active role as a distributor helps customers keep their cost down. In summation to the above services, APAW is also involved in repacking of commodities and assembly of flat packs, with more new services in line for earliest launch.

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