APAW offers a range of specialist procurement and purchasing services for its clients.

Procurement Agents

At APAW, our team integrates with yours in strategically selecting and purchasing goods and services that are vital to your organisation

We are not about replacing customer procurement/purchasing department, we are about providing an off-site purchasing/procurement services to customers (and/or their procurement team) to build competitive opportunities and to amplify their growth.

Whether we act as your procurement department or act in a support roll capacity to customers existing procurement department, we purchase commodities for and on behalf of our customers by sourcing and screening information about the commodity, prices, and suppliers.

Whilst we strongly support local Australian manufactured commodities, however, boundary lines, countries or regions do not confine our services as such. We source commodities and materials from anywhere in Australia or the world; taking on the demands of our customers to the letter is our foremost goal

Purchasing Agents

As Purchasing Agents, also known as 3rd Party Purchasing Agents, we are devoted to assisting customers with those one off purchases of commodities and services, just so they can avoid having to set up trade accounts with suppliers that are never to be used ever again.










Buying based on price can have costly ramifications


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