APAW firmly believes in delivering only first-rate services to its customers by providing a diverse range of services, be it the requirement of procurement agents or warehousing services, or even wholesale commodities.

Customers can clearly benefit from our out of the box style and problem solving by providing the best solution possible to customers’ ongoing needs and support.
We find, connect and engage with buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, exporters and importers.

Purchasing & Procurement Agents

Procurement Agents

At APAW, our team integrate with yours in strategically selecting and purchasing goods and services that are vital to your organisation.

We are not about replacing customer procurement/purchasing department, we are about providing an off-site purchasing/procurement services to customers (and/or their procurement team) to build competitive opportunities and to amplify their growth.

Whilst we strongly support local Australian manufactured commodities, however, boundary lines, countries or regions do not confine our services as such. We source commodities and materials from anywhere in Australia or the world; taking on the demands of our customers to the letter is our foremost goal.

Purchasing Agents

As Purchasing Agents, also known as 3rd Party Purchasing Agents, we are devoted to assisting customers with those one off purchases of commodities and services, just so they can avoid having to set up trade accounts with suppliers that are never to be used ever again.

Warehousing and Logistics Services

APAW provides extensive warehousing services including one-of-a-kind warehouse management software that makes it easy for customers, like never before, to store and control their stock. APAW allows customers to use its warehouses as their main store, sub-store or 3PL, whichever way it best suits their interest.

Our flexible approach towards warehousing needs proffers customers to enjoy scalable storage costs and variable capacity based on the seasonality or organic growth of their commercial enterprise.

We also assist with auctioneering of slow, dead, or difficult to sell inventory.

Wholesale/Distribution Services

APAW’s wholesale/distribution service is one of the best in Australia, with a well-organised distributorship of various industrial and engineering commodities.

We provide wholesale supply of safety commodities, valves, pumps, hoses, sealants, gaskets, chemicals, and packing materials, just to cite a few.

We also deal in conveyor related commodities such as rubber conveyor belts, repair kits, rollers and much more.

Other Services

APAW is also the agents for major brand names and products. APAW’s active role as a distributor helps customers maintain their operations cost down. In summation to the above services, APAW is also involved in repacking of commodities and assembly of flat packs, with more new services in line for earliest launch.

With APAW’s uniquely designed services, customers can take total advantage of the savings generated from the reduced operating costs, and other major cost-cutting projects. APAW’s cost-saving and customer-centric strategies have helped customers from diverse industries, including but not restricted to:

  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport
  • Government
  • Construction
  • Industrial Market
  • Wholesale, and
  • Retail

Require more details about our services? Please call our office for details.