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The HabasitLINK® Modular Belts are constructed with modules molded from thermoplastic materials connected with solid plastic rods.

The all plastic design promotes long life and superior performance in many applications. In specific cases, stainless steel rods can be offered, providing high belt stiffness. Multiple widths are achieved by using a “bricklayed” pattern, which also provides high lateral and diagonal belt strength and stiffness.

Modular belts can be supplied in a number of material combinations, for straight running or radius conveyors and numerous accessories, such as flights, side guards, combs and tabs.

Conveyor – Modular Belt (Straight Running / Radius)
• Flat Top
• Flush Grid
• Nub Top
• Perforated
• Roller Top
• Cone Top
• Grip Top
• Low Back Pressure
• Tight Radius
• Micro Pitch
• Monster Belt
• Flights
• Sprockets

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